Competition Rules-2020

Competition Rules-2020

Competition Rules - January 2020
The purpose of the Club competition is for members to display their work with the view of improving the quality, styles and format available through photographic technique, digital enhancement and observation of the work of other members and clubs.

It is important to emphasize that this is a family club with members as a society of friends with a real interest in photography at any level.

Competition entries must be submitted to the Competition Secretary by the dates shown in the programme, to allow the entries to be numbered and logged.

Late competition entries may be submitted by 7.15 on that evening. Projected digital images must be in by 7 pm on the Tuesday prior to the competition.
The club member is entirely responsible for handing in, labelling and scheduling his/ her entry and collection afterwards.

Finally, it should be fun.

Important: You must own the copyright of the print or projected digital image entered.

Please note: To encourage new work, a print or projected digital image cannot be re-entered into another league more than once during a club year.

Open - on any subject Named e.g. ‘Street Scene’

Prints can be reproduced by digital or darkroom techniques or commercial processing.

Up to 2 colour prints (mounted) and/ or up-to 2 monoprints (mounted) and 2 DPI's for Open

Named competitions are DPI only and 3 images can be entered for these.

Any size up to max. 40cm x 50cm including mount.

Labelled: Title and membership number on the back of the print.

Monochrome Prints; a black and white image or one which has been modified by the addition of a single tone to the image is defined as a monochrome print.

Colour Prints; all images except those included in the above are defined as colour images. A black and white image which has been modified by the addition of partial toning or by the addition of one colour to any part of the image is a colour print.

Projected Digital Images up to 2 entries Projected digital image files to be saved in the following format:-
a. Colour Space - sRGB
b. File Format - JPEG (.jpg) only, saved at its finest setting (12 in Photoshop).
c. File Size - Maximum width 1920 pixels, the maximum height of 1080 pixels.

A visiting judge will award up to 10 points for each print and projected digital image entered for that class.

In the event of more than one print or projected digital image being awarded 10 points in the same class, the judge will be asked to produce one overall winner.

In the league, the awarded marks for each class are then added together to produce the overall winner for the six classes for that year.

Special Competitions

In addition to the league, there are 3 additional competitions, the marks for which are not included in the league totals.

• The Turner Portraiture Competition
• The Portfolio Competition
• Print & Slide of the Year

Dave Turner
This is a competition exclusively for portraiture or Street Photography. It is the only competition where colour and mono compete against each other.
Maximum 2 entries for DPI and 2 in the Prints section

This will be judged in the 3 classes. A portfolio shall consist of 5 prints or 5 projected digital images. A member may submit 2 portfolios in any one section, but no print or projected digital image may form part of more than one portfolio. There must be some relationship between the prints or the projected digital images in a portfolio so that they hang together forming a pleasing display. They should all follow a particular theme, e.g. classic cars.

Print and Slide of the Year
The Print and Slide of the year entries are judged in 3 classes. Members may enter up to 2 pieces of work from each class. They must have previously been entered in a competition during the club year. The winner is selected at the very last meeting of the year.

Interclub Battles
For interclub battles, entries will be chosen by the club’s selection committee, or by the club members themselves. It is important that the members submit work to the competition secretary for consideration, ideally work entered in competitions with a score of 8 points or more. Remember, without your work, we will not be able to compete fairly.

Acceptance of work will be the prerogative of the competition secretary. In the event of a dispute, the problem will be resolved by the secretary with two members of the committee whose decision will be final and binding.